Gone are the days where plug in-and-play software solutions would be implemented and yet customers end up leveraging minimum benefits from the technology solutions. To separate ourselves from the rest, our business focus is developing tailor-made, integrated business applications which are propelled by detailed business requirements agreed with the client. We shy away from providing clients with vanilla applications and expect business processes to be adjusted accordingly.
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Providing real-time big data information flow that touches Smart Parking, Traffic Congestion, Smart Phone Detection, Smart Street Lighting, Waste Management and Smart Traffic Lights

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Artificial Intelligence

Creating a bridge between robotics and humans through sophisticated application development

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A green future

Developing innovative application Solutions and Systems that reduce traffic congestion and alleviating transport challenges by introducing smart traffic control capabilities and self-balancing transportation devices

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Medicine and Healthcare Innovation

Providing innovative healthcare application solutions and integrating into the entire Patient and Doctors Management space. The key is to provide seamless healthcare services easily accessible even in rural areas

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About us


Trinnovate is a 100% black owned, managed technology and innovations company with a clear focus in business software application development spanning all the way from basic stand-alone to integrated solutions. Our application development easily adapt into the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its founding beliefs are driven by the global fast-paced evolution of Innovation and Technology. Our model is simple, firstly, gather customer requirements using proven tools and methodology, model the business solution according to the requirements, rigorously test the overall solution before deployment.

Vision And Mission

Our vision is to develop and deploy easy-to-use integrated business solution on time and on budget using innovative tools and methodologies.

Our mission is to enhance a strong footprint and assist clients realize the value of innovation growth and ensure it meet or exceed organizational goals.

Disruptive Opportunities

There is a continuous rapid growth, demand and an exponential increase of disruptive innovation opportunities where technology integrates with human beings. Trinnovate is already geared up to participate in this ever-changing world.

Our Skills

We have vast experience in the fields of ICT, Software Engineering Electronics and Security Systems.

Java and C++

Why Choose Us?

We have vast experience in application development utilizing various proven development tools.

We follow strict coding protocol, programming procedures which makes it easy to audit and most importantly, easy to follow and debug. Future upgrades are a success if procedures are adhered to.

Our customer service ethos makes it easy for us to serve our clients with grace and ease thus reducing downtimes and profit loss during emergencies.

What we offer

We commit to providing services and solutions that are custom made, efficient, cost-effective and so technologically advanced that within the first few months of using our solutions, you will immediately measure and quantify your Return On Investment ( ROI ).

Requirements Management

Tired of Thumb-sucking project progress, missing deadlines, experiencing project overruns, scope creep and solution design challenges? Our collaborative requirements management solution provides sophisticated capabilities where requirements and solution components are adequately documented and dashboard reporting capabilities provides value to stakeholders.

Mobile Applications

Depending on your requirements, our tailored made solution components can be mirrored into the mobility devices, thus providing leveraged seamless integrated flow of information between front end and back-end environments. ​ This integration is supplemented by the robustness of the analytical reporting capabilities where field service can report on progress.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Through our cohesive relations with customers, we develop tailor made Integrated Business Solutions as Service (BSAaS). Such solutions are driven by thoroughly documented business requirements using proven requirements solution. Every business solution undergoes rigorous test cycles by key stakeholders prior to deployment to ensure ROI is easily measurable in no time.

Data Governance

We help customers realize the value of treating data as a strategic asset by implementing Data Governance framework and Data Management Solution. From the time Data Profiling is conducted to Data Migration execution, our tools will provide seamless and real-time dashboard reports that makes decision making even reliable than ever.

Analytics (Big Data) and Reporting

Business Intelligence And Analytics forms the heart of any business sustainability. In order to achieve this, we work with our clients to understand their reporting requirements. Our sophisticated Analytics Solutions are easy, faster to implement due to less or no coding intervention.

Other Services

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Solution Audits
  • Project Audits
  • Digitization and Automation

Our Focus Industries

Trinnovate has its technology solutions focused in the following industry sectors

Public Sector



Research Centers

Community Businesses


Security Companies





Private Sector

Our Management Team

We are a team of professionals guided by efficiency, honor, personal strength and accountability

Aubrey Modise

Co-Founder and CEO

Aubrey brings 23 years wealth of experience in Information Technology and Business Management. He started at Spoornet as an IT analyst. He was later recruited by a consulting company in USA. Within a year Aubrey had already established a consulting company and implemented ERP solutions (SAP) to clients in different industry sectors. He has, from time to time been called to play an advisory role for some of the top IT consultancy firms as they bid for lucrative transactions. He also has strong experience in auditing ERP solutions, Data Management and reviewing implementation procedures to assess risks associated with IT projects.

Wiseman Ndlela

Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer

Wiseman has over 10 years of experience in electronics, software engineering and biometric systems. After studying towards his electronic engineering degree, he started working for a broker company as an IT consultant. He then moved to Timewatch, a time and attendance and access control company and worked as a senior Systems Integration Engineer. He then moved to become a software engineer at Neametrics and Times Media Group until he started his own company, novoSense Intelligence in 2014. His company under his leadership dealt with systems integration, green technologies and mobile solutions ranging from general mobile apps to digital advertising. NovoSense delivered tailor-made solutions for clients wthith media industry, municipalities and property companies like Attacq ( Atterbury ).

Dumisani Mhlophe

Chief Product Officer

Dumisani has an electronics design background spanning 15 years. During his second semester at tertiary, he designed and built his own power amplifier and in the third semester he designed a fully integrated car alarm system. He started his working career at Periseo specializing in electronic design and designed various products for both commercial and military clients used in helicopters worldwide. The technology tools he used include but not limited to C, C++, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic, PHP, java, Javascript, HTML, Altium, Microchip, Atmel, ST Micro, ARM, GSM, RF. He also specializes in low power devices, WiFI and other wireless technology design and has done work for MTrack security company. Dumisani has also worked at RDC, a pioneering company in security products and has been instrumental in the rollout of related projects. His mastery in software is not based on the actual tool but the implementation thereof. He's an all rounder in tailor-made product development.

Rendani Ramulondi

Chief Business Development Officer

Rendani brings over 14 years experience in ICT industry with focus in programming in various industries, stretching from government, Finance, Public to Private sectors. Over the years he has been involved in various roles in the development of IT systems and integration from requirements management, product development, product testing and product deployment and has played leadership roles. He brings a wealth of experience in the business development space.

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